2 more days to IGSM 2019! Tips, hints & recommended places

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IGSM 2019 is coming so fast! With that, we would like to share with you places in Warsaw that are worth seeing. You will find parks, restaurants, bars etc that all have been tested by us or recommended by our friends. Whether if you’re staying in Warsaw for more days than IGSM lasts or not, take a look! Most of these places are located near hostel, so will have time to check them out during free time for example.

You will also find some tips & hints regarding your stay in Warsaw. Read them before you get surprised with a fine or angry gaze of a Pole. Some rules are just weird, but you have to deal with it.

There’s also an information for those who arrive on 22.06 or earlier! Check it out!

Mentioned list can be found on our website IGSM 2019 ➡ Tips&Hints, Places.

See you soon!

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