Tips & Hints, Places

For everybody arriving on Saturday or earlier: on 22.06.2019 there will be a big city event called Wianki nad Wisłą. It’s a big family picnic that is inspired by slavic tradition of celebrating Kupala Night (related to summer solstice). During this event wreath will be put on river and many music artists will perform on stage (this year’s Eurovision polish representative – Tulia – for example). Don’t miss this chance to experience a little bit of polish culture and visit Podzamcze on Saturday!

Some tips from our team:

  • Euro is not the currency here
  • Poles really appreciate if you learn and use some polish words (not swear words really) – it’s kind of heartwarming as it’s not considered as easy language
  • Most polish people speak english at least on basic level
  • At some shops cashier may have a problem if you don’t pay by card – it is caused by more people not using physical money, thus they don’t have change
  • You can get a fine if you drink in public places such as park
  • If you want to buy a simcard, you will be asked for ID as it has to be registered
  • There are free toilets on metro station opened until 11PM
  • When being on escalator, stand on the right and walk on the left
  • Crossing road on red light is forbidden and can be fined (yes, even if there’s nothing on the road)
  • Always have some kind of identity card with you
  • Minimum drinking age is 18
  • Don’t smoke in public, not everyone appreciates it
  • There are some people on the streets that would like to get money from you, sometimes in good cause sometimes bad and not clear. It can be asked in different forms – just don’t feel bad if you say no
  • It is quite cheap here so make the most of this trip and enjoy your stay!

Grocery and other basic needs:

  • Biedronka – cheap & recommended!
  • Carrefour Express
  • Żabka

On Sunday (23.06) all shops are closed (on 30.06 they are open). However Żabka and Carrefour Express should be opened if you want to buy something small to eat or drink. Restaurants, bars etc operate normally on Sundays.

Whether if you are staying longer in Warsaw or not, we have prepared a list of great places to visit or check out if you have free time. Almost all places are located around city centre and all have been tested or recommended by friends, so that you do not waste your time or money. Remember that these places are not only good ones in Warsaw, they are just examples. Feel free to explore new ones.

Some nice places to visit:

  1. Hala koszyki – cosy, industrial look, has a food court with some food places listed below
  2. Schodki nad Wisłą – common place for locals to go and socialize (drinking here is allowed!)
  3. Łazienki Królewskie – green place in Warsaw, definitely worth visiting
  4. Pole Mokotowskie – common place to have a picnic, go for a walk, ride a bike or have some outdoor activities
  5. Library Rooftop Garden– beautiful gardens on the rooftop, nice views from there
  6. Warszawska Syrenka – remember that siren from our logo? That’s it. See it IRL.
  7. Muzeum Pałacu Króla Jana III w Wilanowie – King Jan III’s palace, beautiful garden and museum inside. Worth seeing if you have more time in Warsaw
  8. Pałac Kultury i Nauki – you can go and enjoy view on Warsaw from the top of the building by going on viewing terrace
  9. Multimedialny Park Fontann – water&light&music 30 minute show with a story, starts every day at 9:30PM
  10. Muzeum Polskiej Wódki (Polish Vodka Museum) – yes, you can buy an option with degustation
  11. Viewing Terrace Old Town – for ~1€ you can view the panorama of the Old Town and see the modern part of the city in the background
  12. Grób Nieznanego Żołnierza (Tomb of the Unknown Soldier) – monument dedicated to people who gave their lives for Poland. There’s guard 24/7 and a big park next to it


  1. Bułkę przez bibułkę – serving mostly breakfast, nice and cosy ambience
  2. Charlotte Menora – bread, baguette, croissant – French vibe, rather breakfast
  3. Croque Madame – french inspired kitchen, sweet and savoury foods
  4. Manekin – probably most popular crepe serving place in Warsaw, very cheap, filling, a lot positions to choose from
  5. Lalka – another popular crepe place, a little bit different menu than Manekin, worth to take a look
  6. Mr. Pancake – want something sweet and a lot of calories? That’s the place
  7. Okienko – belgian fries, tasty&cheap
  8. Bambino – milk bar, that’s the true experience of food made by mum, with a hint of communism feeling, VERY cheap and filling, must see & experience when being in Poland
  9. Barn Burger – very tasty burgers in the city centre
  10. Bydło i powidło – BEST burgers I have ever tasted, serving also steaks
  11. Ciao a tutti – amazing italian pizza, in my opinion  best option
  12. AïOLI – tasty&cheap, serving great lunch dishes
  13. Słoik – typical polish food  – same as our mum cooks when we’re home – made with modern twist
  14. ORZO People Music Nature – interesting, nature inspired foods, a lot of plants inside, also serving vegan food
  15. U Szwejka – as they say: great Viennese schnitzels, knuckles as the Prater and the starters and meat according to traditional recipes, but also the accompanying best fresh beer
  16. Pełną parą na nowo – modern asian kitchen, known for steamed dumplings
  17. Mąka i woda – serving Neapolitan pizza baked in oven fuelled by wood only, pasta and antipasti
  18. Dziurka od klucza – italian kitchen, mostly pasta and seafood
  19. Tutti Santi – real italian pizza, awarded with many certificates
  20. Rico – burrito, quesadilla, burger, taco, in other words: mexican vibes

Listed restaurants may have some vegetarian and vegan dishes however next ones are mainly vegetarian(W)/vegan(V).

  1. Vegemiasto (V) – plant-based kitchen
  2. Krowarzywa (V) – vegan burgers
  3. Falla Warszawa (W,V) – popular place serving variety of foods
  4. Leonardo Verde (V) – antipasti, pasta, pizza
  5. Chwast Food (V) – vegan burgers
  6. Nancy Lee (W) – food & coffe

Desserts, cakes and ice cream

  1. Na Końcu Tęczy – delicious ice cream, variety of flavours
  2. Magia d’Italia – even better ice cream, big scoops for around 1€ each, variety of flavours
  3. Sweet Corner – czarne lody – black ice cream. All black.
  4. Warszawski LUKIER – freakshakes, cakes & calories = love
  5. Melody – lody naturalne – ice cream and bubble waffle = heaven
  6. Pijalnia czekolady E. Wedel – E. Wedel is brand associated with polish chocolates that we get for Christmas, birthday or any other occasion from parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle etc. Here you can try them in different forms: hot chocolate, cold drinking chocolate, crepes, dumplings, cakes and many more. There’s also a shop where u can buy chocolates – could be great as a gift. If it doesn’t melt earlier.
  7. Karmello Chocolatier – chocolate heaven
  8. Cukiernia Pawłowicz – Best polish doughnuts you simply have to try before leaving Poland

And below some lower calorie cakes and desserts for fit freaks (but still delicious! – tested!).

  1. Legal Cakes
  2. Chude Ciacho
  3. Słodki Bez


  1. Czupito
  2. Norka
  3. Pijalnia wódki i piwa – feel the time of communism, cheapest place for drinking in the city centre
  4. Coctail Bar Max & Dom Whisky

Remember that drinking in public is not allowed.