There are two airports that you can arrive at. Warsaw Chopin Airport is located in the city boarders and it’s the best choice when coming to Warsaw. There are multiple options to get to the city centre from this airport:

  • taxi – takes around 20-30 minutes depending on traffic
  • train – 20-25 minutes to the Warsaw Central Railway Station with S2, S3 SKM Szybka Kolej Miejska (Urban Rapid Rail) line or Koleje Mazowieckie (Masovian Railways) RL line
  • bus – there is one direct regular bus line from the airport – 175 (30 minute ride), and one direct night line – N32
  • Uber, Taxify are also available in Warsaw

More detail in how to get from the airport to the city centre:
Maps and plans

You can also arrive at Warsaw Modlin Airport, located about 40km north from Warsaw. Here are some options to get to the city centre from the airport:

  • Shuttle bus – ModlinBus is the only carrier that offers direct bus connection to the city centre, ride takes about 40 minutes and is the most comfortable and cheapest option (price from around €2)
  • Bus + train – as the railway station is not located directly near airport, there are buses that can take you from the airport to the station (5-6 minutes ride) so you can take further train ride to Warsaw Central Railway Station (40 minutes). Koleje Mazowieckie (Masovian Railways) offer this bus + train transport within a cost of one ticket (around 4-5 €). Here’s more information. Modlin Airport website, Koleje Mazowieckie website
  • Taxi  – takes around 40-50 minues depending on traffic (from €20),


You can arrive to the Warsaw city centre directly by train from some major European cities. The station is Warsaw Central Railway Station.


There are cheap bus connections with other European cities. Recommended bus companies:

From Warsaw Central Railway Station there’s a 10 minute walk to the hostel.

Please note that Koleje Mazowieckie (Masovian Railways) is not the same company as Warsaw’s public transportation system (buses, trams, metro, SKM). Therefore, if travelling from Warsaw Chopin airport to the city centre by SKM or Koleje Mazowieckie you can use every ticket in offer, but when travelling from Modlin airport you will need separate one from Koleje Mazowieckie’s offer (e.g. Airport Ticket).

Public transportation

During your stay in Warsaw, you will only travel within 1st ticket zone. Keep in mind that as a foreign student you are not eligible to travel on reduced price tickets, even with ISIC (International Student Identity Card).

The full ticket tariff is available here. All of these tickets will allow you to travel by bus, tram, metro or SKM (Urban Rapid Rail) as long as the ticket is validated and not expired. Tickets can be bought in stationary ticket machines, ticket machines located in vehicles or on-line (through mobile app for example). Beware that when buying it in vehicle, most of the times cash is not accepted. You only validate cardboard ticket once, immediately after you enter the bus, tram or when you go through the ticket entrance gates of the metro station.

You can read more about public transportation here.

We recommend downloading Jakdojade (website as it is the best mobile app for moving around the city. It shows you the route from point A to B, has all timetables and allows you to buy online tickets for the ride.